Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Less and More

After a lengthy personal discussion I've decided to stop taking one of my medications. Since I still have allergies I'm still taking that pill. Since I still seem to need my happy pills I'm still taking that pill. But it's that little pill mostly referred to as "The Pill" that I decided to remove from my daily repertoire.

For the past several (many) months I've been feeling like the pill was letting me down. I've been on the same version for about 3 years perhaps longer. I was going to talk to my Dr about switching to another type and then on Carol's suggestion thought maybe I should try going off it entirely. Since it's main duty does not need to be fulfilled at this point in time it seemed like a good idea to try.

I'm on day three of no pill. So far I don't think I've noticed any change. Not sure when I should.

And on the more category, I've joined facebook. Such a crazy place! I joined on Thursday of last week and already have 75 friends. No idea if this is a lot but it sure seems like it. Many, in fact most of them are people I knew in high school. Some people I've known since Elementary school. It's a bit surreal to see what all of these people are doing now and get updates on them. Perhaps it will calm down a bit after a few more weeks and I'll settle in to it. But for now I'm finding it an odd odd place.