Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tally's all better now but a bit odd looking

So Tally had her appointment yesterday for a complete scope of her female bits and etc. The surgeon wanted to do the full scope to make sure that there was nothing else going on in there other than the polyp my vet saw. Of course this was all after the surgeon put the fear of death on me about what the polyp could actually be instead of being a polyp. Let me tell you the other options I DID NOT LIKE! Oh holy hell did they frighten me. So of course in true Emily style I proceeded to stress about all of that from the day of our consult until the day of the procedure which were one week apart.

So yesterday I dropped Tally off for a day of beauty with the surgeon. I nearly started bawling my eyes out when she walked away from me with the tech. I got to work and a few hours later they called to tell me that they had started the procedure. Then a while later the surgeon called to say that it was just a polyp and everything else in all of her bits looks good. He also said that he was going to try to remove it using the scope rather than another more invasive method that involved scalpels and stitches and all sorts of nasty things. Success! The 2 to 3 cm polyp was removed using the scope and Tally could be picked up later that day. WAHOO!!!! There was much rejoicing. I walked around work with a shit eating grin on my face telling each and every one of my co-workers that Tally was fine! I'm such a goon.

So I went to pick her up and talked to the surgical tech for the post-op information. First thing she says when she came into the waiting room was how adorable Tally was and how much everyone loved her. Yes, it's true I have the most adorable dog on the planet! Then she left to get Tally. Oh my poor little girl was SO hungover. She staggered her way along the hallway bumping into door frames and slumping on the ground after getting to me. Then she staggered her way to the car and I was able to lift her into the back seat. She spent the ride home trying with all of her might to keep herself propped up rather than lying down. Why didn't she just lay down? No clue.

Then when we got home she was really disoriented and tried to get away from me when I went to get her out of the car. So I went to the other side of the car and she promptly moved to the other door. Finally I talked her out of the car and into the house. Once in the house she staggered around in circles for a bit and then passed out. A few hours later she stirred enough to get up and stagger around in circles again and look longingly at me up on the couch. She decided she couldn't possibly jump on the couch and collapsed where she was standing. Then a while later more longing looks and finally an attempt to get on the couch. Partial success. She got up there but her back legs lagged behind. And again it was pass out city.

After a while I tried to get her to take a pain pill encased in peanut butter but she would not have it. So I tried smearing the peanut butter pill on a piece of her food. Nope. So I pried open her little jaws and smooshed it down on the back of her tongue. Not long after that I was too tired so I went to bed. This morning she didn't do her normal wake up routine nor did she want much of a walk. She slowly ate breakfast and I got a pain pill in her before I left for work which is good. Now I'm nervous that she had a tough day.

Oh and for the scoping they had to shave several parts of her body. The shins of her front legs, the calf of one of her back legs and her entire private region. I'll see if I can get a good picture of it tonight. You know for posterity not to poke fun at her or anything. :)

So it's all good. My little Tally bear is on the mend. A Thousand $$$ later but oh well.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Scratch that last post

So I guess my excitement was misplaced. Just got an email from him saying that he doesn't want to see me again.

Dating is the single worst thing that I have ever done in my life. Or perhaps I should say ever tried to do because I am not proving to be capable.


Patience I do not have

I really have no patience. I don't like waiting. For anything. Probably part of the reason I don't like to cook is that you have to wait for the food to be done. Annoying.

My patience is being put to the test right now. Met someone new on Sunday morning that I'm very interested in seeing again. He said he'd call. He hasn't yet. He mentioned that he had a vendor in town on Monday and dinner with them Monday night so it's safe to assume that's why I didn't hear from him last night. The thought of waiting to see if he might call tonight is about to kill me. I truly might keel over dead right now as I type this.

What would you do? Should I wait to see if he calls tonight? Should I jump first and email him? Or what? Help I do not know what to do!

Man am I bad at being single and dating.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Recap and another Shred

Had a nothing much weekend. Could have been social and hid instead. On Sunday I was expecting a call from an elementary school friend but she didn't call. Feeds right into all of my insecurities. Instead I vacuumed out my car, took Tally to the dog park, and did another day of 30 day shred. So in truth Sunday wasn't all bad but it was supposed to be better.

Saturday I took Tally for a long meandering walk more than an hour to Green Lake and back. That felt good. That was all I did that day. Didn't even shower. Naps and way too much DIY TV. I got a call from a friend to go to a movie, let it go to voicemail and couldn't bring myself to call him back.

This morning there was snow on the ground. Snow in Seattle is becoming all too common and I do not like it at all.

I called to get Tally a surgery consult appointment to remove the polyp. An hour long appointment next Tuesday afternoon for $125. That's just the pre-op. God knows what the actual surgery will cost. Oh well she is more than worth it. She woke me up Sunday morning puking again. Wish I could figure out what triggers that.

That is all.

Friday, February 6, 2009

*Audible SIGH*

Today should be good day. I mean it's a Friday. Friday, that day of the week that you dream for until your longing is so bad it hurts. But for some reason today sucks major poo holes. OK not major but serious.

I've got a headache. It's raining, gray and drab outside. Work is blech. I was supposed to have a massage last night but my gal cancelled. Talked to my dad last night and some of what he had to tell me mad me very sad. Right before he called I was about to start day 2 of 30 Day Shred but after the hour long call I just couldn't must up the motivation.

I tried to lighten my mood by having a comfort food breakfast. See:

That's a Grande Non-fat Chai and a Chocolate Glazed Old Fashioned Doughnut. And, yes, they were both nummy nummy nummers. But they are gone now. And to that I say dang, darn, drat.

So *SIGH* it is. Hopefully my smile will come back. Hopefully.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

She's home and mending

Tally has a polyp. The vet is going to check with a surgeon today to see what method they recommend for removal. Seems to be nothing too scary or problematic at this point. I suppose once they remove it they will run some tests to determine the nature of the polyp. The vet said that they are usually benign.

Poor little gal was so groggy when I picked her up last night. They had just finished the procedure about an hour or so before. She came to me with her ears pinned back to her head and only stopped for a moment to get a scratch before heading straight for the door. She was so groggy and out of it in the car ride home that she passed out on her face. When I turned around and saw her laying down I freaked out. She never lays down in the car. She always watches out the window the entire time. So I reached back to see if she was still breathing. Yes, I actually thought she might have died. I'm such a freak.

By the time we made it home she was so out of it that I had to carry her into the house. I laid her down in her bed and she stayed there for the next three hours hardly moving. Some time around 9 she finally pulled herself from her bed and laid down on the living room rug. Then about an hour later she finally made her way over to the couch and up to sit by me.

This morning she was still a bit tentative but seems to be recovering well. She was fine on our walk even if much more calm than her usual self.

Glad to have her back at home and its great to know what is going on with her. Even if I now have a whole new set of things to worry needlessly about.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Nothing titular comes to mind

Tally is at the vet all day again. Dropped her off at 8 this morning. She finished the antibiotics on Friday morning and then Saturday morning she was bleeding again. I called the vet and the next step is to sedate her and send a scope up her nether regions. So there she is and here I am trying to concentrate on my job but failing miserably.

All I'm doing is thinking about. Thinking about the possible scenarios. Of course none of them good in my fatalistic mind. I'm so distracted. Unable to form coherent thought. Cannot possibly analyze the current state of the task lists and prioritize or forecast.

Had an awful intestinal bout last night. Still suffering today. Probably shouldn't have just eaten that caramel apple with peanuts but damn did it taste good and I really needed something.

Just want to leave and walk Tally in the sunshine. That's all my brain and intestines can handle today. It's only 2. I wonder when they'll call me to let me know what's going on. I don't like waiting. Not knowing. Worrying. I'm tired. Should have had some caffeine today I suppose.

I have this spot on the side of the pointer finger on my right hand. It's really dry and rough and almost like a callous. Seems like it should be from where a writing implement rubs or something but that's not where I hold a pen/pencil/marker/crayon.

The backs of my knees, my kneepit I guess, gets itchy a lot. Did you know that it's nearly impossible to see my kneepits? I just can't seem to see them no matter how I stretch or flex.

Saturday night I got a parking ticket. I've never gotten a parking ticket, well except for that time in high school when I was actually 'parking' in the minivan and the cops flashlight only flashed the front seats. $44 for parking in a Zone Parking Only area. Grrrrr.

Still tired. Perhaps caffeine is in order. I shall go check out our stock of free pop and such all the while wishing for my cell to ring and have the vet tell me that all is well with my little bear dog.