Tuesday, February 3, 2009

She's home and mending

Tally has a polyp. The vet is going to check with a surgeon today to see what method they recommend for removal. Seems to be nothing too scary or problematic at this point. I suppose once they remove it they will run some tests to determine the nature of the polyp. The vet said that they are usually benign.

Poor little gal was so groggy when I picked her up last night. They had just finished the procedure about an hour or so before. She came to me with her ears pinned back to her head and only stopped for a moment to get a scratch before heading straight for the door. She was so groggy and out of it in the car ride home that she passed out on her face. When I turned around and saw her laying down I freaked out. She never lays down in the car. She always watches out the window the entire time. So I reached back to see if she was still breathing. Yes, I actually thought she might have died. I'm such a freak.

By the time we made it home she was so out of it that I had to carry her into the house. I laid her down in her bed and she stayed there for the next three hours hardly moving. Some time around 9 she finally pulled herself from her bed and laid down on the living room rug. Then about an hour later she finally made her way over to the couch and up to sit by me.

This morning she was still a bit tentative but seems to be recovering well. She was fine on our walk even if much more calm than her usual self.

Glad to have her back at home and its great to know what is going on with her. Even if I now have a whole new set of things to worry needlessly about.


Pickles and Dimes said...

Glad she's doing better and coming around to her old self. I hope the polyp comes back benign. Poor girl. Give her some ear scratches for me!

Heather said...

Glad you found out what is going on w/ her and hopefully it can be solved quickly.