Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Patience I do not have

I really have no patience. I don't like waiting. For anything. Probably part of the reason I don't like to cook is that you have to wait for the food to be done. Annoying.

My patience is being put to the test right now. Met someone new on Sunday morning that I'm very interested in seeing again. He said he'd call. He hasn't yet. He mentioned that he had a vendor in town on Monday and dinner with them Monday night so it's safe to assume that's why I didn't hear from him last night. The thought of waiting to see if he might call tonight is about to kill me. I truly might keel over dead right now as I type this.

What would you do? Should I wait to see if he calls tonight? Should I jump first and email him? Or what? Help I do not know what to do!

Man am I bad at being single and dating.

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