Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ugh, I am falling apart

I now have a diagnosis of my foot pain. I saw a podiatrist this morning and I have developed (am developing) osteoarthritis in my big toe(s). It is more pronounced in my right foot but also a bit in my left as well. I'm a bit on the bummed side about this because well it's a bummer. I have a bone scan scheduled for Friday to get some more information about my feet and a follow up appointment with the podiatrist for Monday to go over the scan results. So anyway at least there's a bit of information about that. More as I know it.

And here's the other reason I'm falling apart. I was diagnosed on Monday with Shingles and not the ones you put on the roof of your house. Anyone who's had chicken pox can get shingles because they are caused by the same virus but still. You know it's not your week when one day you find out you have one disease and then to discover a day later that you have another.

So there's that. I'll say it again, Ugh.


amysflock said...

Oh, no!

Sweetie, sorry to hear about your bummer diagnoses. My aunt just got over shingles and said it was about the MOST painful thing she'd ever experienced.

Hugs to're in my thoughts.

Pickles and Dimes said...

Sorry about your foot!

I got shingles the week after 9/11 and the nurse basically was afraid to look at me. I only had three spots on my stomach and they didn't hurt at all, but OHMIGOD the itching.

Plus, the pamphlet I was given said that usually only old people or those with compromised immune systems get shingles - the hell?

I hope your case is mild, meaning NO PAIN.

amysflock said...

Em...where are you?? I'm missing your blog!