Friday, September 26, 2008

Here's more of me

I spent nearly two full days of this week home sick. Sick with what? I cannot even quantify it for you. It was an illness of unknown origin that started on Sunday afternoon when my shingle (the rash spot on my neck) started to itch. Monday I felt all a jittery and a buzz (see previous post) and then on Tuesday I felt like the floor of a city bus. I lasted all of two hours at work and then made my way slowly home via the bus.

When I finally got home Tally was quite excited to see me. However, she was not happy with me that I went straight to bed for the next four hours. Every hour or so she would come in and perform her little protest of my prostrate position. When I told her in a firm voice "No" she would turn around and walk away but always to return. Finally, her adorableness was too much and I decided to get up and join her in the living room. On Wednesday I realized that I was in no position to go into work and didn't even try. I did make it to the living room and tried to nap in there on the couch. Again Tally performed her protest of my sleeping position this time by nudging my head with her nose and even one time licking the inside of my ear. It was the inside of the ear lick that got me this time not her cute little mug.

Yesterday I made it to work the entire day and only started to feel the pain near the very end, which makes me quite happy. Today I'm feeling nearly 100% (or as close to it as I generally come) which is great. Just in time for a fun filled weekend!

Tomorrow I get to watch the little J-man while Jess and Josh are both at work. I cannot wait! I haven't seen him in WAY too long and it will be a great way to spend my Saturday afternoon. Saturday night my mom is going to stay with me and we are going to grab dinner where Matt works. Mom hasn't been there yet and she wants to check out the new swanky digs her son is working at. Not sure what I'll do Sunday yet but the weather is supposed to be great so I'm hoping to spend it outside.

Later skaters! Have a great weekend!!!


Heather said...

Sorry you felt so crappy this week. Not fun. Have fun w/ J-man tomorrow!

amysflock said...

Floor of a city bus? That MUST be bad!

Glad you're feeling better!