Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Follow-up to Cancer day

So Friday the 3rd was Cancer Day and who'd of thunk it but it went really well. The Cancer Vet was awesome. I loved her just about the minute she stepped in the room. She's got a great bedside manner and was very easy to discuss the issues with.

A synopsis:
1) She will not make a diagnosis based on the information/testing that has been completed thus far.
2) She said that the pathologists report from the tests is very vague and not at all sufficient.
3) Contrary to what the surgeon told me, she does not read the Lymphoma test as being negative rather it was not positive which could have been for a number of reasons.

Her Action Items:
1) Ask for a second pathologist at the same lab to review the test results and report.
2) If that report is as insufficient as the first then she is going to have the sample pulled and sent to a lab at UC-Davis for testing.

She has Action Items! She has a Plan!! I love her!!!

Before I left her I asked if I could give her a hug. That was how happy I was with her and what she is working on for Tally. Oh and she was also rather shocked to learn that the Surgeon just wanted to treat Tally with the information that he had and did not offer a referral to a specialist. And since that shocked me as well I now feel like I'm the smartest pet owner in the world.

So I still haven't gotten any results from the second pathologist but I have faith in Amazing Cancer Vet whom I believe that we should all now refer to as ACV. Those are the facts as I know them. Now I shall venture homeward to spend a lovely evening with my lovely dog. Night all!

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