Thursday, May 7, 2009

Gratuitous Picture/Video Post

A while ago Shauna asked for some more pictures of Tally so I'm going to honor that request. :)

Here's a short video I shot in the park nearly a year ago 5/17/08. She LOVES to run in the dirt of the ball field.
And here's a picture I took the day she had her tumor removed. Such a drugged out sleepy head that day. 2/2/09 **Edit: This was actually after her scope procedure. Not tumor removal.**
And then one about a week later sleeping with her little bee. 2/12/09

A few of her shaved parts from IV's and ultrasounds. 2/26/09 & 3/25/09

In this one I just love her little face. 3/25/09

And this one is from tonight. You can see how much her tummy hair is growing back in. 5/7/09

So there she is. I have to remember to post pictures more often. She's so photogenic!


Pickles and Dimes said...

OH, that video! I love how she runs around and then drops to her belly! SOOOO cute!

She is very photogenic! Thanks for the pics. Now I'm off to watch that video again because it seriously makes me so happy. :)

Emily said...

Could you tell from the video that she does this barking/growling/breathing thing while she's running? It's seriously SO cute! It's also how she wakes me up on weekend mornings by air barking at me. Man I love this dog!