Thursday, April 29, 2010

Two more for the bookshelf

The morning before the fortunate incident that led to my being unemployed, I finished a book that I had borrowed from a co-worker, "Sophie's World". Fortuitous timing, huh? The co-worker had suggested it because I had been talking at lunch about "The End of Mr. Y". They are a bit similar. In "Sophie's World", the intersection between real life and the life on the page is blurred. It wasn't as good as "Mr. Y" and mostly focused on the history of philosophy, not really my subject of choice.

The morning of the fortunate incident I started a book called "The Fool's Journey". In the very beginning of the book, the part I read that very morning, the main character realized that she'd been stagnating in her career when she was passed over for promotion to full professor, so she resigned. Strange coincidence that I should read that very thing the very same morning my working life was going to change. The book didn't stay as strong through out but it sure was nice to have that woman in the same place as me at the same time. She found her voice in the end and I really hope that I do too.


Kate said...

Emily, I love that there is no blame in your writing. It seems that you are seizing this as opportunity. So Awesome!

Amy Lagerquist said...

Love life's little coincidences...and very glad to see you back on your blog, Dear!

I read Sophie's World a long time ago and found it fascinating (although a little dry at times). I'll have to check out The Fool's Journey...sounds right up my alley!