Monday, June 9, 2008

I want an email

What I want most in the world right now is an email. Not just any email will do. I want a very specific email. An email from any one of the three reader of this blog would make me very happy don't get me wrong but that's not the email I want. The email I want is from the VP of the place I want to work with a job offer attached.

Last Wednesday I met with the Office Manager and Support Manager for a half an hour. Then I met with the VP and President for about two hours. After which they said they would be in touch shortly which meant an email late Thursday night (which I read on Friday morning) where I was asked if I could spend more time with the President and VP on Friday directly after work. Of course I responded yes. After packing in things here at current workplace I hightailed it downtown to meet with the guys at my hopefully future workplace. After another two hours of going over some more questions from VP's "List of interview questions" (which he forgot to bring to the first 2 hour meeting and during which President actually said "Oh I wasn't paying attention to your boring questions") we finally got down to the real business at hand the reasons why they need me, what's "wrong" with the department and some issues with current staff. After all of that I point blank asked them when they were going to extend me an offer or if they had some sort of reservations about me that we could clear up.

The VP is the son of the President and seems to play his cards much closer to the vest than the President. The VP said he needs to "pave the way for" and "clear up a few items" but that I will see an offer by the end of the day today or at the latest tomorrow. I think I'm starting to understand them both and their dynamic much better than I did during our first meeting which makes me thankful for this second meeting.

So here I sit hitting the check mail button every ten seconds in the hopes that VP will make up his mind sooner rather than later. Oh and also because today is a Monday and I was reminded once again when boss finally arrived why I want to leave here so badly. This offer cannot come quickly enough for this gal.

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