Friday, June 13, 2008

To quell her fears

Because me not posting has started to worry Britten, here's the "update" on the job situation.

The VP never contacted me yesterday like I was promised he would. So this morning at my first opportunity I sent him an email that said something like "What up G?"

And then waited for his response which was this:
"I apologize for the delay. Yesterday was a full day. I would like to extend you an employment offer. Since I'm slower than molasses going up hill in January I've finally written down the job description and would like to meet with you to go over it." Or something close to that.

To which I replied:
"What kind of crack are you smoking to think that I'd actually spend more time meeting with you before seeing an offer in writing? So put pen to paper you lame piece o' poo and send the 'employment offer' and job description over to me in writing, then maybe I'll agree to meet with you again. Maybe." Or something similar.

To which he then replied:
"Can, do. I’m stuck in meetings for the next few hours but will get them to you by the end of the day." In exactly those words.

My response to that is a I'll believe it when I see it bucko. So there you have it. Apparently I have an "employment offer" but I haven't seen it. Since I haven't seen it or agreed to it I can't give notice at current work place which I REALLY wanted to be able to do today. Oh and I really don't feel like I can celebrate either. I was really hoping to celebrate this weekend by stimulating the economy a bit. Poo.


Pickles & Dimes said...

But that's...good, right? An employment offer?

I hope he gets it out to you today still, so you can savor it over the weekend and decide how to word your resignation letter (the best part of job hunting).

Emily said...

Yeah I guess it's good but really I'm not feeling like it's real yet. You know? Like it's this nebulous thing sort of like the Aurora Borealis you can see it and it's really pretty and exciting but you can't grab it and hold it and call it yours.