Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Two pairs, nearly no waiting

I spend a lot of time at current job (only two whole days left!) surfing the web and other wise wasting time. Yesterday I decided that I needed to find some new shoes since I didn't find any this weekend. I started perusing Zappos because Britten had had good luck there. In no time I had three pairs in my shopping cart. I wasn't going to order all three but I wanted to be able to compare them all in one place, so in they went.

Then I sent Britten an email asking for her opinion based on the luck we'd experienced this weekend I knew I had to have her opinion. She liked them all. Uh oh. I scanned the three pairs again and removed one from my shopping cart and bought the other two. This was around Noon yesterday.

Last night I got a confirmation email from Zappos that they had shipped and since they loved me so much they were expediting my shipment and I'd get the shipment information shortly. Sure enough this morning I had an email containing the tracking number. Since I really enjoy watching the progress of my purchases (wait is that strange?) I checked it out. By god in heaven they were scheduled to arrive today! Can you even fathom that? Today as in the day after I decided to buy them.

The day went on, as days do, and I thought I'd check on my shoes once again. Delivered. What? DELIVERED! At 10:30 AM Seattle time my new shoes arrived at my house. Not yet 24 hours had passed since I'd hit the buy button and I had shoes. Well technically my front porch has the shoes and since I'm at work I won't get them until just before 5 but STILL!

Zappos if these shoes work I may just profess my undying love for you every day until I have spent every dime in my bank account because you deserve it you speedy delivery nearly instant gratification you. And if they don't work, well I'll just have to blame myself (and maybe Britten) but that will not tarnish you in my eyes Zappos. I will still adore your speed and responsiveness.


Heather said...

What shoes did you get?

Amy said...

Oh, yes. I have heard many sing the praises of Zappos. I believe they can send you your shoes before you even think about them.