Monday, March 9, 2009

Calling all pet surgeons & Happy Adopt-a-versary!

Called the vet surgeon on Thursday after not hearing from them (at least I think it was Thursday, it might have been Wednesday). Nope now I remember it was definitely Thursday. Told them I thought that Tally was tired from the medication and they advised I stopped it to see what happened. Well she was even more tired off of the medication. So this morning I started it back up again. They also told me during that call that I should have the final diagnosis early this week probably today.

Man does that make me nervous. So so nervous.


Sunday was our Adopt-a-versary. Took Tally one of her favorite places in the whole world, the pet store. Wanted to get her a new toy and start her back on the Venison & Sweet Potato food. She's been on a Hypoallergenic food for a month or so and I just don't feel like she's getting enough food value from it. I also got her these awesome Dried Sweet Potato chews. She eats them up SO quickly and loves every second of it. I didn't find a new toy that I liked so I opted for a treat and food only outing. Perhaps another pet store run is in the cards for later this week. She really likes to play tug so I was trying to find something good for that. I'll keep looking.

Happy 1 Year Adopt-a-versary my little kookaburra. Love you to pieces. And keeping all of my digits crossed that the news is better than expected from the vet peeps.

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