Friday, March 20, 2009

A Positive Tally Update!

On Tuesday the Surgeon called to say that the test for Transitional Cell Carcinoma was inconclusive. He suggested that we start her on the Chemo any way because it is probably what she has. Well I wasn't interested in starting her on Chemo without knowing what she has so I went off in search of a second opinion.

I called the Animal Cancer Specialists who said that they don't usually get involved in the diagnosis phase but that they would pull together her records and give me a call back. On Thursday they said that they would like her to have a Chest XRay and an abdominal ultrasound before they saw her. So I called her regular vet and scheduled those for today.

Dropped little miss T at the vet this morning and just got the call from them that all looks normal. The Ultrasound person did not see any abnormalities anywhere. The XRay looks good but is going out to a Radiologist for confirmation.

So I'm taking those as good signs. Signs that the cancer is not all over the place. Signs that she is strong and fighting what ever this is. I may even get to breathe again for a couple of days.

They had to shave her belly for the ultrasound. She was just looking normal from the scope and growth removal procedure. Oh well. She doesn't mind looking a bit goofy. I mean she's already missing her ears, whats a bit of hair to worry about.

Love you little Tally bear. Can't wait to pick you up tonight. We shall celebrate with some big old treats and tummy scratching.

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Pickles and Dimes said...

Scratch her tummy for me too, OK? Hope they can make a definitive diagnosis soon!