Friday, May 9, 2008

10 pounds of Sourdough and Olive Oil

Yesterday I stopped at the grocery store to pick up lunch. A few weeks back I had found a new prepackaged salad there that I fell in love with. It's spring greens, croutons, feta, dried cranberries and a white balsamic vinaigrette. Nummy in my tummy.

I wanted more to eat than just the salad so I went searching for a roll/bread/carb filled item. I noticed that an entire loaf of sourdough was only slightly more expensive than one little roll so I grabbed the loaf. (Isn't loaf a kind of icky word? Sort of like moist. Blech.)

Brought my salad and bread back to the office to enjoy. I poured some olive oil into a little dish, added some fresh ground pepper and sat down at my desk. It was a fantastic lunch. I brought the loaf (ick), I mean bread, home with me and then proceeded to eat nothing but olive oil and bread for the remainder of the evening. This time I doctored up the olive oil with some garlic, onion and pepper and it was divine.

So if you hear this weird sloshing sound today that's just my arteries running thick with oil, pay no attention and keep on keeping on. Nothing to see here just a girl who's now made of 90% olive oil, happens all the time like again tonight when I get home.


Pickles & Dimes said...

Yummy! I love bread so much.

Right now, my body is made up of at least 72% banana bread because that's all I've been eating for the past week for breakfast and snacks.

Emily said...

P&D - How'd you get to your 72% calculation? I took into consideration liquid oil volume measurements vs. my blood volume. :) Now you've got me wanting banana bread BTW. Thanks!