Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The thing about yesterday

See the thing about yesterday was this, it sucked. I hated all of it.

The day started with a phone call from my Dr's office canceling the appointment I had just made the day before because well the Dr was going on vacation. Yes, I was told that when I made the appointment. She is going on vacation and my appointment was to be before she left. The lovely lady on the phone then says "We can get you in on May 27th or you can see another Dr." My answer to those enormously appealing options was "No, I have to get in before that and no, I will not see another Dr." To which miraculously I now have an appointment on Monday.

Then my lovely landscaper calls to "yell" at me because the second round of pavers aren't there for him to put in. The pavers that I had to place an order for because he told me the wrong amount to buy in the first place. The pavers that I actually ordered more than a week ago, was charged for and was told would be delivered on Friday. The pavers that I had to call Home Depot AGAIN on Monday to see where they were and was told that the vendor would definitely call me on Tuesday to let me know when they would arrive. The pavers that I then had to call Home Depot on Tuesday because no one called me at all! Yes you see it is all my fault that the pavers aren't there like I was promised several different times they would be. And it is all my fault that I didn't get the correct amount of pavers the first time because I specifically asked "How many square feet am I supposed to order?" and was told that amount and that amount arrived and oh wait that's not enough you have to get more.

Then came the email from landscapers wife demanding a 50% deposit for the patio because it was supposed to be done so long ago and really you were supposed to pay 50% up front but because this was to be such an easy project we were really nice and didn't make you pay, well yes that 50% you need to write a check for it now and you need to arrange to get it to my husband now.

Then there is the little issue of place of employment where I never get any response from boss even after multiple emails asking for a response to an issue that I cannot solve but that the customer must have an answer to and repeatedly come to me to get.

By this point I had begun to feel like the least capable person on the entire planet. Or perhaps the entire galaxy, no wait the entire Universe. The defeat had hit me squarely across the head and I wanted to disappear into a tiny little hole and rock back and forth in the fetal position.

When I got home I immediately laid down on the living room rug and started petting Tally. It was all too much. I needed something good. Something that might possibly make me feel less like an incapable nincompoop and help me to escape from everything. So I ordered up an "On Demand" movie.

It was the first time I'd ever ordered a movie from home and I spent a very LONG time deciding which one to spend my precious dollars on. In the end the only one that seemed like it might help was "P.S. I Love You." As a general rule I am not a Hilary Swank fan. She's too horsey faced and she was the "Next Karate Kid". (Yeah yeah yeah two Oscars I know, whatever.) But I needed to escape into someone else's dream world for the next few hours and hers seemed like the best option available.

I must tell you the movie was nearly perfect. It made me laugh and cry and want and smile. I nearly forgot Hilary was horsey faced several times. It was well worth the $4.99 plus who knows what ungodly amount of taxes. It helped lift me up off of the rug, out of the tiny little hole and stretched out of the fetal position. I may have still rocked back and forth but you weren't there and you can't prove it.

I am hoping with every ounce of my body that today will not be a repeat of yesterday because there's nothing left "On Demand" that I want to watch.

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Amy said...

Say "paver" one more time. I dare you.

Maybe we can just call the whole thing off. Dad can tell us what to do, and I'll do th heavy lifting.