Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Falling on my face

More accurately my hands and the left side of my thigh/bum.

Today is bring Tally to work day which means I take her out for a walk during lunch. We were walking along a nice sidewalk near work when the sidewalk jumped up and attacked me. Or perhaps I didn't see the large lip caused by a tree root pushing up a section of the side walk but either way I went down. And it hurt.

No one was around. Just me and Tally. I am certain that if anyone were around it would have been one of those falls that make witnesses nearly pee themselves laughing.

You see I didn't go right down. No sir. I stumbled forward for several steps very nearly catching myself several times and then I hit the concrete. So to the outside observer it may very well have looked similar to that time in college when Steph fell all the way down the longest flight of steps at the house nearly catching her fall the entire way down with the sound effects to go with it. That was HILARIOUS! Just the thought of it makes me nearly giggle and it's been more than 12 years since that day.

Steph was OK and really I'm OK too except for a few small blood blisters on my palms and a bit of a sore muscle or two, but wouldn't it have been better if someone had been there to laugh at and with me? I think so and since I'm certainly not going to blab it all to my all male trio of co-workers I thought I'd put it here for you to chuckle about.

Because it's funny when someone falls but not if there's no one there to see it.


britten said...

Oh, how many times have a fallen and then said, "too bad nobody saw that because it would have been really funny!"? Many, many times. I feel for you!

Amy said...

I got knocked down in a game tonight and was told "It wasn't your usual graceful fall." You made me laugh, but I didn't have to pee, so it was OK.