Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Chair, how do I love thee?

I am in deep, adoring, abiding love with this chair.

Yes, I realize it might just look like any old chair to you but to me it is perfection in a little teak and aluminum package. I can't explain it properly or fully but I want it. Well, to be exact I want two of it. I know where I can buy them but good god almighty they are nearly $200 each and that's the sale price. What is a gal on a budget to do? I mean I've still got a patio, fence, landscaping and insulation to pay for. I've been scouring the old interwebs for what seems like ever now looking for chairs and a small table to add to my living room.

So what's your vote? Should I just say to hell with it if you love something you should buy it? Or shall I keep on looking? I'll leave it to you and if you don't respond then fine I'll just pout. I probably won't pout but I'll have to make up my own mind and that's not nearly as fun.

Oh and another thing what kind of little (approx 27" diameter) table should I buy? I haven't found the love of my life in table form and would most definitely be open to suggestions.


Heather said...


Amy said...

I can't be positive, but I think Britten may be having an affair with that same chair. At the very least, she's been flirting with it.

I'm pretty sure my advice on chairs is useless, but if it were a sexy floor covering, I'd be all over it.