Friday, December 7, 2007

Thanks to my therapist I am now Digital

I took the plunge last night I went to Best Buy last night and bought a digital camera. I spent the rest of the evening taking pictures, well after I charged the battery for the first time that is.

Here are a couple of pictures of the scarf I am knitting. I took these in two different Macro Modes.

And now the much anticipated pictures of Darby and Troy.

So Britten, what do you think?? :) Don't pay any attention to the fact that I didn't clean up or stage the pictures at all.

I spent most of the evening playing with the multitude of settings available. I'm still very confused but I think I'm starting to understand how to use it I had to try a variety of lighting options to get the couch picture to look as good as it does. So far I'm not very impressed with the indoor pictures but overall the camera is great. It's a Canon PowerShot SD850 IS.

So the reason I finally bought a digital camera was because at therapy yesterday we decided that I need to get some really good pictures up on my eHarmony and profiles. I'm even going to bring in printouts of my profiles from each site for her to look at. Hopefully with some assistance from her we'll be able to get a great photo and tweak my profiles to actually make them work for me. Right now they are just not cutting it.

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britten said...

Yay for super cute living room! I'm glad you got the motivation to get the camera and take the pictures -- it looks fantastic and I almost didn't recognize it. Cute scarves, too. Great job!