Monday, January 14, 2008

Couldn't if I wanted to

Even if I had any desire to work today I couldn't. The system interface I used to do the majority of my job doesn't work any more and there is no sign of when I might have a working interface again.

They installed the upgrade this weekend and I've spent my entire morning getting phone calls from people asking "Why doesn't" this, "why can't" that, and "what's wrong" with. Every time I'm on the phone with one person I'll get at least three more calls coming through. Which means three more voicemail messages full of issues that I can't solve.

There are so many "issues" (hell I'm going to stop putting a spin on it and just call them fuck-ups) going on that the two programmers are doing nothing but fixing things. All morning I'll answer a phone call, hang up and say "Should blah blah be working?" To which they scramble and try to sort out blah blah. Fire drill!!!!!

And yet I sit with no way to access the new system and make updates for people. No way to completely process the orders I have to process. No way to do most anything at all. So blogging it is!

I expected this. I sincerely expected to walk in today to a major fuck-up parade. But it still makes me so incredibly angry! I can't do my job!!!!!!!!!! I hate not being able to help my customers and fix their issues. That's my job and I can't do it. I can't even tell them when their problem will be solved or hell if it ever will be.

It really is time to get out of here. I've had enough. I was promised so many things and they are never going to happen. Wish I could let go of the frustration and anger I feel about it but when you have to sit and take the brunt of the customers anger there is only so much that you can let roll off your back. It's my empathetic personality that makes me really damn good at my job but it also makes it really damn hard to let it go when there is nothing I can do to help.

I feel powerless here. I feel powerless over so many parts of my life and I hate it. It's too much to take.

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