Tuesday, January 22, 2008

First finish of the new year

I got an idea from another blog about keeping track of the books I read this year. Brilliant idea. And since this is my own living little piece of cyberspace I'm going to keep that list right here.

This weekend I FINALLY slogged my way through to the end of "Special Topics in Calamity Physics". I started reading it months ago. Some time this fall or so. The author's style was interesting but most definitely not my cup of tea. I had nearly given up on it several times through out the last few months but decided to keep on trying. On Saturday, or perhaps it was Sunday, I finally made it to the final page. I'm so glad that I can put it on the bookshelf now and not have to open it again. I apologize wholeheartedly if you loved this book. Again, just not my cup of tea.

Since I was so near the end of "Calamity" I went to Half Price Books on Sunday to stock up on some new material. I bought four books. Two by authors whom I had read previous titles, one I had heard of about a million times and another that I'd read the synopsis of a million times.

Already started "Children of God Go Bowling" by Shannon Olson. I'd read her last book "Welcome to My Planet" and had really enjoyed it. She's a Minnesotan who grew up very near where I did. Her writing style is great. I've already laughed out loud.

So one book so far for 2008.

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