Friday, February 22, 2008

I'm going to get a dog

I have wanted a dog forever. I love dogs. I grew up with dogs and I think they are fantastic.

Until now I was never willing to put in the time and effort I knew it would take to have a dog. Well I'm ready now.

I took a quiz that I found on this site. According to my answers to their 10 question quiz my top matches are the Whippet and the American Eskimo. Unfortunately, I don't think that either of these breeds really fit what I think I'm looking for in a dog.

Another quiz I found using Google says that my top choices are a Beagle and a Border Terrier. These two seem closer to my idea of what I want.

I found another site that said I should get a Schnoodle. The name alone puts me off them but good god some of them are adorable!!!

So I'm going to get a dog. Final breed(s) to be determined. I suspect once I go looking I'll find the right one for me.

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britten said...

YAY for Dog! What a great idea! You were perfect with Harrington and with Rudy, so of course you should get a dog! I met a big orange cat yesterday named "Naked." You should consider that as a good name for a dog.