Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Ugh's have taken hold

Things with family have calmed down a bit. I'm slowly acclimating to the fact that things have changed. I'm certainly not happy about any of it but perhaps it's just starting to feel more real and less like a horrid nightmare.

Things with my guts are the same. Still annoying and rather flatulent. Did I just over share? Sorry. But I've been practically pouring fiber down my throat every time my mouth opens so I guess the excess air is a result. I'm planning on seeing a dietitian at some point. Not sure why I'm putting it off. Perhaps my fears of food have made me fearful of talking about it with someone else. Either way I suppose I can't keep guessing at what might help forever. I do need to find/create/develop some sort of focused strategy. Ugh. Sounds like so much work it makes me tired just thinking about it.

Then there's the dog. I have been looking via the lovely internet for pooches at local shelters. So far no one has struck me. I'm sure if I saw any of them in real physical form I'd fall in love with each and every one. At some point I need to work up the courage to actually visit a shelter.

The job is not getting any better. No surprise there. I'm scared to move on but I know that I absolutely have to. This place does not suit me at all. I'm way too social to be satisfied to working with only 2 or 3 other people. Right now there is just two of us here. I've got my iPod shoved into my ears to drown out the boredom of it all. Another Ugh.

Molly is working on a bid for getting insulation added to our common wall in the house. This weekend she also got another Landscape guy out about the patio. I liked this guy much more than the other one we talked to. He'll fit our budget much better too. I think he'll be able to start some time mid-March or so. Patio!!!!

Haven't done anything about dating for the past week or so. Just don't feel up for it.

How many items have I now listed that I just don't want to deal with? Food, Job, Dating. Thankfully I'm seeing Carol tomorrow. Things are always better once she and I hash them out together. I really hope that will happen again this time.

What a boring and rather depressing post. At least it looks like the sun is trying to burn through the clouds out there. That's good. Spring is trying to push it's way in and I'm glad for that.

For now I'm off to feed myself. Hunger is getting the better of me. But what should I eat? Ugh.

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