Friday, February 29, 2008

Now I've got a nervous tum

I've completed an application with The Big Dog Project to adopt a dog. Specifically a gorgeous little 2 year old girl named Kelly. She's a Lab Mix and I've fallen for her. There are no guarantees that I'll get to adopt her because she's meeting with another interested family this weekend. But I'm hoping that I'll be able to work with the people at The Big Dog Project to find the right dog for me. There's also another little dog in their care called Lin Lin. She's a little Shepherd Mix tripod. One of her back legs had to be amputated. She looks like a dear little girl as well. So no matter what I win. :)

That brings me to the matter of my nervous stomach. I am nervous that the people at The Big Dog Project won't like me. Silly, I know, but still I'm all full of nerves. Nervous that I won't be a good doggy mom like I so desperately want to be. Nervous that for some reason or other I won't be able to find a dog that loves me. All around nervous.

They asked me for some references so I asked Mel, Ed and Briana. Thankfully they've agreed. Well, I haven't talked to Ed but Mel agreed so that covers a reference from Rudy. Briana agreed too which gives me a reference from Harrington.

When I told my boss yesterday that I was applying to adopt a dog his response was "You don't want to get a dog." Why do you suppose people say things like that? Why do they say that I don't want something when it's really that they don't want it? Do I do that to people? Do I dismiss their wants and desires because of my own thoughts on the subject? I hope that I don't. I hope that I didn't inherit that trait from my dad.

One of the toughest parts of relating to my dad has always been that if something wasn't his idea or his opinion on a subject then it just wasn't worth consideration. Speaking to him last weekend it seems like he may have had an awakening to this trait and be remorseful about it. I very much hope so. I hope that he will be able to accept the free exchange of ideas and not be dismissive of the opinions of the people in his life. I hope. Like my boss he also thought that I shouldn't get a dog saying that it wouldn't be fair to the dog and that I'm not home enough. Truth is he doesn't know my schedule. He's not home enough for a dog. I am home all of the time.

So far those are the only two people who have said that I shouldn't get a dog. Everyone else has been very excited for me and thinks that it is a great idea. Well, I think so too. Even if it does make me have a nervous stomach.

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