Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Darby must be a Siren

Last night as I was driving to the manned UPS facility south of downtown I realized that I had left the address and directions back at work. For some reason I remembered that it was on 7th and perhaps it might just be on the 4400 block of 7th. I've been there once before but it was probably four years ago at least. So I continued making my way south in the hope that I was right and it was where I "felt" it was going to be. Oh and I had forgotten the little slip they leave on your door at work too and my license still has my old address on it. All of these things made it seem as though I was not destined to add Darby to my life last night.

But I kept heading south on 7th, holding off an anxiety attack with all of my might because all I really wanted to do tonight was get this errand done for the love of the holy person. Yes, I have been a bit on edge lately, why do you ask? And yes, I did leave a message for my therapist last night asking for an appointment if you must know.

I digress. I was travelling south on 7th when all of the sudden I felt as though I was supposed to turn right, so I did. Then I knew I was supposed to veer left and lo and behold what did I spy ahead of me... the Manned UPS Facility! Darby was getting closer.

I parked and held my newly elevated hopes in check as I walked inside expecting to be turned away for not having sufficient proof of who I am and what package I was supposed to be picking up. As I waited in line for the next available Manned Facility attendant, who turned out to be a woman, I steeled myself to be turned away because of my lack of proper ownership proof.

I handed over my license and she took one look at it and said "Emily, this isn't your current address, is it?" I hadn't yet uttered a single solitary word to her. I stammered a bit and then said "No. It's not." She asked "What's your current address?" To which I said "XXXX Avenue N". To which she said, "That's right. I'll go get your box. It's a bit of a big box, right?"

Shock and awe. This wonderful, smiling manned UPS facility service person knew I was coming. She knew I wanted Darby without even knowing that Darby was inside said big box. I have come up with only two explanations for this; 1) Manned UPS facility service person is psychic. 2) Darby is a siren and she makes her wishes known to all around her.

Either way Darby is now home as is her wish, unpacked and filling her place in the living room wonderfully. I promise that I will soon put up pictures of the living room. It is coming along nicely. Especially now that Troy and Darby have made their way home.

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britten said...

Darby is cute! I can't wait for pictures!