Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Things are a happening...slowly

Several items happened as planned this weekend.

Ceiling painting finished. Troy arrived in all of his loveliness (I was napping on him within an hour of his arrival). Brother came to remove my old couch, chair and ottoman, which he is very much enjoying at his place. I bought a fab 32" LCD TV! One wall of the living room is now painted Gull Green.

So many things still need to happen; finish painting the walls, hook up new TV to wireless cable dealy, remove old TV and TV stand, and much anticipated arrival of Darby (Friday if UPS is telling me truths).

Last night I tried to hook up new TV and wireless cable dealy but couldn't seem to trouble shoot quickly enough to get a signal to the TV before prime-time TV was to start so I bagged it and resorted to old fashioned cables. The TV is great. It will be even better once it is in its proper location and wireless.

Hopes for tonight are: to get the wireless thingy worked out, cut holes in the back of BESTA to feed all of the cords, and get old TV and stand out of the living room. Depending on how long all of this takes I may even paint another wall, but don't hold your breath.

I should also work in an attitude adjustment for this evening. Any ideas on how to do that are welcome. Anger, Frustration and Blah have returned and I'd really like to figure out a way to evict them since they are very unwanted guests.

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