Friday, November 30, 2007

Suffering from neglect

I've let this poor little blog suffer a bit of neglect for the past few weeks. I haven't really felt very inspired or motivated to write in here.

My inspiration and motivation is actually lacking on so many fronts. Can't seem to pull things together at the house. Haven't been paying any attention to those dating sites I'm paying for. There's a scarf I started knitting just sitting there not getting any notice either.

Can't seem to keep a smile on my face either, which is why I'm back full swing into therapy appointments. My hope is that as we work on things all of the neglected areas of my life will start to receive the attention they are rightfully due.

Until then I'm trying to make sure I go to the gym at least three time a week. So far I've been twice this week. I'm also in a weight loss bet at work. Three of the four of us need to be at a certain (lower) weight by 2/10/08 or we owe the others a total of $210. If we get down to the lower weight then the company is taking us out for a nice dinner. Not too sure about food as a reward for weight loss but I sure do not want to lose $210 so that is definitely a motivator.

My hopes for the weekend are that I will go to the gym at least once, but twice would be ideal. That I will sort through all of the unworn clothes and shoes in my closet in order to donate them. And that I will go to Urban Craft Uprising!

Getting all of those things accomplished will take a great deal of motivation. I really hope I can muster it. Hope you have a great weekend and enjoy yourself no matter what your motivation level.

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