Monday, November 19, 2007

An Electrical Weekend

On Sunday an electrician come by to do a few things in Molly's place, remove the old mostly unused electrical mast, and pull wire to two new boxes in my bathroom.

When I remodeled the bathroom I removed the old light fixture and covered over the electrical box with cabinetry. Don't worry it's just IKEA cabinetry so it's easily removed to get access to the electrical box. I wanted to put two new lights to the side of the new mirror but really wasn't sure how to get the wire and boxes to their new locations. So since the electrician was there I threw my money at him. Within about an hour he had gone to Home Depot for supplies, cut holes to pull the new wire and installed the two new boxes.

Later that afternoon I finally pulled the bathroom back together and installed the new lights. They look great! I'm so glad they are finally in there. I can actually see myself in the mirror now. Which is perhaps both a good thing and a bad thing.

Now all that's left in order to really finish the bathroom is to find the right paint color and center the mirror over the sink. It's off to the left for some reason. I perhaps may not have followed the "measure twice, hang once" adage the first time out. Oops.

The front of the house looks much better without that silly mast sitting smack dab in the front of it. The three unused wires (two cable, one phone) are now dangling out at the utility pole. Gotta figure out who to call to fix that. I think Molly may have taken a picture or two. I'll get those from her to post here.

I promise will soon post pictures of the living room. Probably this weekend, once I've taken the TV to my brothers place.

Items are getting crossed off of the list. Love it when that happens!

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britten said...

I remain excited to see photos.