Friday, November 2, 2007

A Living Room Status Report

The current state of my living room:
- All furniture in the middle of the room covered in plastic.
- Perimeter of ceiling textured and painted. Then spackled, sanded and then retextured from where "crown" molding was removed leaving a divot in the ceiling which I was hoping would just be covered up well enough from just texture and paint, alas no.
- One coat of white ceiling paint applied (after first round of texturing) and another coat waiting to be applied (since perimeter now looks somewhat presentable).

Items set to arrive to beautify this currently NASTY space:
- Troy!!! My new sectional from Crate & Barrel is scheduled for delivery between 10 AM and Noon tomorrow, Saturday November 3rd.
- Darby Table by Victoria Hagen for Target. She really is too cute and too reasonably priced to pass up. She should arrive sometime between November 8th and 13th.

Items that need to leave in order to beautify this NASTY space:
- Navy Blue couch, chair and ottoman. Brother, please come get your "NEW" furniture.
- Black TV stand that is too deep and too big for where I want to put the TV.
- 27" Tube TV that is also too deep and too big for where I want to put the TV.

Items I "need" to buy (need being a relative term):
- 32" LCD TV
- Perhaps a storage ottoman to assist Darby in her life as a coffee table.
- Another chair or most likely two to round out the seating area and also serve as seating for an eating area.
- Table for above mentioned eating area.
- Curtains for HUGE front window and smaller side window.

When will all of this be done and the living room back up and functioning as an actual living room and not a hell hole? Not soon enough.

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