Monday, November 12, 2007

The Living Room is "Done"

OK so it's not completely done but it's so close I can almost taste it. I wonder what living room tastes like?

This weekend I primed the newly textured living room walls and then painted both of those walls as well. I even hung a picture! It's starting to look a bit like a home. Thank the holy guy for that. I was beginning to lose a bit of patience with myself. OK not a bit of patience a LOT of patience.

This week is better than last week for all of the normal female reasons. Hopefully that will help me accomplish even more this week than last, like actually setting foot in the gym. You've got to have goals, right?

Here are my goals for foreseeable future: (I'm hoping that by writing them down I'll feel more empowered to make them happen.)

1) Go to the gym. Every other day would be GREAT!
2) Finish off the living room. Hang more pictures, attach shelves in tall Besta unit and attach to the wall, completely clean up from painting, remove old TV, sell/give away old TV stand.
3) Keep on top of the cleaning. Laundry, kitchen, bathroom. Having these items pile up makes me hate my home. Can't have that.
4) It would be wonderful to start on the den. Getting the den completed requires money to be spent on closet organization. So perhaps this has to wait for a bit. It's already been a really expensive month.
5) Painting needs to happen in nearly every room. The newly textured Kitchen wall, redo the bathroom to a better color, make the "hallway" match the living room, add color to bedroom and den.
6) Hang the new outdoor light and house numbers. Also, finally decide on a mailbox.
7) Fix the bedroom closet floor from where the sliding doors were removed.
8) Install the door handles in the kitchen.
9) Apply the "Organic" Wall Slicks All Grey's Combo Accent Pack on top of the privacy film on the bedroom window. Hoping it will give the window a bit of depth and "life".
10) Get patio area completed.
11) Insulate the crawl space and figure out sound proofing options for the bedroom wall.

I'd say that's enough for now. Although I'm certain there are more things I want to add to this list I'm going to leave it at that. I wonder if Blogger has a list function so I could make a list for each room and then cross them off as I get them done. Who doesn't love having a list and crossing things off of it?

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britten said...

do we get to see a picture of the living room?