Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Retail: The Other Therapy

Yesterday's attempts to lift my mood included leaving work at 1 PM, heading straight home and onto my couch for a two hour nap then heading to IKEA @ 6:30 for some Retail Therapy.

While the nap and last night's sleep helped a bit I'm certain the retail therapy also had it's benefits. My intent while at IKEA was to look at the Bjorna Bench and the Besta Shelving Units. They had the Bjorna bench in stock but didn't have any on the floor so I could see what it looked like. So that got crossed off the list. It was down to the Beech or Black Brown Besta.

In the end I chose the Black Brown 2 by 2 unit which will house my DVR, DVD player and an LCD TV (when I actually buy an LCD TV). Then next to that I'm going to put the Black Brown tall narrow unit for DVD's and various items. I also bought some legs that will raise both of the units off the floor about 4 inches. Should be really cute. I'll post a picture as soon as I get them put together. I tried to PhotoShop them into something but I can't figure out how. Must learn more about PhotoShop soon.

Now if I could just figure out what color to paint this room I'd be nearly there.

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