Friday, October 26, 2007

What Do You Think Troy Would Like?

Since Troy is going to arrive a few weeks before I thought he would, I need to find myself a new coffee table and quickly. The Ottoman that has been serving as my coffee table for the past 3 and a half years is going to belong to my brother along with the Chair and Couch.

Which of these do you think Troy would like to share the Living Room with?

There's the Red Stow Leather Storage Ottoman from Crate & Barrel. Stow is 17.5" square and 17.25" tall.

Or what about this little Alden Cube Table @ JC Penney? Alden measures 20" square and 19" tall.

Or the Durham Coffee Table at Pottery Barn? He measures 37" in Diameter and is 18" tall.

(Yes all of my furniture is male. If they insist on giving them human names I'll just have to keep giving them a gender.)

What I'd really like to do is find a basic coffee table, preferably round or oval, that Stow could stow under when I wanted him out of the way. In my little imagination that seems like it would look cute. Can you picture it too? As soon as Troy arrives I'll be sure to take a picture of him. That way you can vote on which you might like best. You will vote won't you?

On another note, I believe I've decided on a paint color. It's Dutch Boy Gull Green DC440. I used it as an accent wall in the den in my condo. It was a really nice color and I like the way it looks next to the swatch of Troy's fabric. It's a sort of blue-green. I've been wanting a blue but none of them seemed to look right. Hopefully Gull Green will.

This weekend I hope to finish removing the crown molding, paint the ceiling and perhaps I'll get the walls done too. As long as my arms don't fall off I'll just keep on working on it.

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