Thursday, October 18, 2007

Will He Or Won't He?

I called my drywall contractor yesterday after work to see why he didn't show on Tuesday night. Apparently it is his phones fault. He set his phone remind him and it didn't. He did say he was sorry. He says that he is going to come over tonight to do what should have happened on Tuesday. When I asked if he was still planning on coming over to do the work on Saturday he said definitely.

I wish I could blame an inanimate object for all of the things I forget to do. For instance I cannot for the life of me remember to start the dishwasher. I keep thinking that I'll start it before I leave for work, but then I don't. See it's not my fault. The dishwasher really should remind me that it needs to be run.

Oh and if you were wondering why I don't just start it when I am home, it's loud and my place is so small it's tough to watch TV while it's running. See I have my priorities in order who needs clean dishes as long as you can watch Pushing Daisies, Biggest Loser and Chuck without interruption.

I really am rather lame huh? Oh well at least I remembered to take out the garbage and recycling today. Small victories.

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