Thursday, March 6, 2008

Dogs, jobs and therapy appointments

Tonight is my home visit for the dog people. I have no idea what they will decide about my place. I can't imagine that they would not let me adopt her for any reason but since it hasn't been absolutely decided I'm nervous and anxious. I will be very sad if she does not get to be my dog. I'm still not sure about her name. I'm hoping it will come to me soon.

The job is still very annoying but that's to be expected. I wish I had a magic idea of what I would like to do next. I'm tired of my current profession and would like to switch it up a bit but I'm at a loss as to how. What I'd really like is for someone to make it all better for me? Is that really too much to ask? Yes, I know it is. I'd settle for a career guide type of person. Some one who can give me some ideas of places to look and positions I might like. When I stop to think about it I do know the answers to all of that but I guess I'm just stuck on the actual finding of the new job. It really seems so daunting to me to even attempt it. Perhaps once I have the dog my whole life outlook will improve and I'll feel more possibility is out there somewhere. At the moment though I'd be best described as a complacent lump.

Today's therapy appointment wasn't spectacular. I don't suppose they all can be. She is fighting off a cold so I'm sure that didn't help at all. I was feeling as though I didn't have much to say so we didn't really tread on any new territory. As with the job perhaps getting the dog will help open up therapy too.

Am I h0ping this adorable little pup is the magic pill that will cure all my ills? Oh you bet your bippy I am. No matter how much pressure I put on her to cure what's ailing me I am certain she will not disappoint. Some how I just know that my world will be a better place with her in it. Oh jeebus I hope they let me adopt her!

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