Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Poor little puker

I went home during lunch yesterday to walk Tally because I had a hair appointment right after work. We had a great time on our little outing around our park where we met two new dogs and their moms. One of the dogs was a Mastiff and was HUGE but so very sweet. Tally seemed to like her a lot.

After the walk I gave my little munchkin a few bits of her food as a treat for successfully sitting on command. Then after work I got all my hairs cut, stopped to pick up a Burrito for dinner and went home.

Bummer if I didn't walk in to two splats of puke on my new rug. Luckily this new rug seems to clean up MUCH more easily than the old rug, big bonus there. But unluckily for Tally it meant that she had to have rice made in chicken broth for dinner and for breakfast this morning too.

This is now the third time that she has thrown up in the 2 and a half weeks we've been together. I'm officially blaming the Advantage flea medicine. The last time she puked was the night after her first treatment and then the next night too. This time it was the afternoon after her second treatment. I'll be calling the vet today to ask about it.

Poor little Tally.

Update: I am still officially blaming the medicine but I was blaming the wrong one. She's actually on Revolution. Oops. Talked to her vet. She's blaming the Revolution too. Going to stop that med and try another one. And vet thinks she may also be having some allergies (the feet grooming may be a symptom) and so I'll be giving her a Benedryl tonight. My poor little punkin' head.

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Pickles & Dimes said...

Oh, poor Tally! I'd be like you, calling the vet to see what they say. I just did that for one of our cats, but then magically, her puking stopped. I think they can sense when I'm about to bring them to the vet.

p.s. I laughed at the "all of my hairs cut" line.