Friday, March 14, 2008

Words of the Day: Vespers and Vomit

Last night Mel and I used a coupon that came with our Ballet Season tickets to get a seat upgrade. We ended up in the center section row S. Let me tell you the view from there was AMAZING! I do love our usual seats because they are really close to the stage but they are rather far over to the side which means we usually miss a bit of the staging.

The performance last night was called "Director's Choice" and was four contemporary pieces. One of them was called Vespers and featured 6 female dancers and 12 wooden chairs. Those women were amazing. The piece was gorgeous. The fourth piece of the evening was called One Flat Thing, Reproduced and featured 14 dancers both male and female and 20 tables. While the music with this piece was a bit headache inducing for me the staging and choreography were completely stunning. Overall a wonderful night!

Now on to the other word of the day, Vomit. Unfortunately my new little love Tally has had two bouts of vomiting this week. The first was on Wednesday morning at 6 AM. The second was this morning at 5:30 AM and again twenty minutes later. I called our Vet a bit ago and have some ideas on what might be going on, so hopefully I'll be able to get her through this and we won't have a repeat occurrence. I'm not a fan of getting up before my alarm and cleaning up vomit before my alarm is about as bad as it gets. At least she keeps on hitting the same carpet that I'm replacing in a few weeks. I certainly hope that we can get her gastrointestinal pyrotechnics in check before the new rug is in place.

Aren't you glad that you got to be a part of my words of the day?

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