Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A little bit cleaner

It was so great to have Friday off. Having three full days away from work really helps me repair some of the damage. I suppose it's a fairly bad sign when I talk about my work damaging me. Yikes.

My three day weekend went thusly. Friday tried to sleep in as much as possible, even took two, count em, two separate naps. Finally around four or so I got myself cleaned up and went to U Village. The plan was to pick up the rug I'd ordered at Crate and Barrel, hit Barnes & Noble for the Dog Whisperer book, peruse Eddie Bauer, Aveda and other fine stores. Oh and stop at Bartell's for hair dye and Easter candy.

It was mostly a successful trip. Book bought, rug picked up, hair color & candy purchased, Aveda items check. No clothes however. So that meant I'd be going out again the next day. Ugh.

Friday night I met Kelly for dinner and then we went to my house so he could meet Tally. Of course he loved her. Who wouldn't? No one. Before I went to bed I spent a while in front of the mirror eyebrow plucking. Damn it hurts so I couldn't do very much. I think they look a bit better. I'm certain no one would notice the change but me, which is good.

Saturday I woke up at a fairly normal hour, did all of the necessary morning prep work and then headed downtown to try to really shop for clothes. I always park at Pacific Place and then head out from there. Started at Macy's and found a dress that works fairly well. It's dark brown with little green and cream dots. I tried to find a picture of it on the Macy's web site but can't seem to find it. Then to Westlake Center for a very quick run through. Off to Nordstrom which was SO PACKED full of people I nearly freaked.

The Nordstrom throng had yanked all of the energy from my body but I knew I needed to keep looking. So I walked up to the movie theater @ Pacific Place to see if anything was playing that I might want to see. "Definitely Maybe" was starting in 5 minutes. Perfect. Ticket bought. Popcorn and pop, check. Seated in the theater and aaaaahhhhh an hour and a half rest period before I had to face shopping again.

The movie was adorable. I am so glad that I saw it and didn't let myself give up on shopping entirely. Afterwards, I went back to Nordstrom to see if I could stand to look around there anymore. Then back through the stores of Pacific Place and I called it an afternoon.

The weather was actually fantastic that day so when I got home I decided to take Tally to her first off-leash dog park. She had no idea what so ever how to act. It was so cute. She smelled the other dogs a bit but only if they came up to her, which most of them did. I walked around the dog park and she just followed me taking it all in. I am not sure if she enjoyed any of it.

Then back home and off to another mall, Northgate. Three shopping trips in two days. Good god was that overwhelming. There's a new DSW Shoes at Northgate and I'd seen good things there before so I thought I might have some luck with shoes for the new dress. I found a pair that work fairly well. They are rather girly for me. My first pair of pointy toed shoes, with a little heal and a sling back. Tried nearly every store in the mall to find some sort of jacket or sweater or something for over the dress but didn't have any luck. But I should think that finding a dress and shoes is nearly a complete victory.

Saturday night I colored my hair. The color is just slightly darker and just a subtle change. Again something only I would notice. Certainly glad I did it. However my tub is not so glad. I splattered some dye that I didn't notice until the next day on the white tub and now it won't come out. No idea what to do about that.

Sunday was lunch at a Chinese restaurant with Britten, Brooke, Peter and Neill before we went off to throw up America all over Amy's house. Very fun.

That's it. That was my weekend. I accomplished quite a bit on my personal spring cleaning list and am very glad that I had those three days away from work.

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