Friday, April 25, 2008

...98, 99, 100. Ready or not, here I am.

I know why I started writing here 99 posts ago, but the motivation to keep writing here has most definitely changed since then.

At first all I wanted was a place to keep track of the things I found out there on the interwebs. Jotting them down on pieces of scrap paper just wasn't cutting it. I'd also become very attached to some other blogs that I wanted to carve out a little bit of the blogosphere for myself.

Over time the focus has changed to match my current real life focus. Be it a dog, or my job (big no no, I know), or my up and (mostly) down moods. I've kept some things back and put things here that perhaps I shouldn't have. But all of the posts felt right at the time. I think that's what really matters to me. It seems OK to write here. It will never make me famous but that's certainly not my goal. I want it to help me. To make me feel more connected to that big old gigantic web of a world and it most definitely has.

I feel like I now "know" a few more people and over time I'm sure that will only increase. It's been fun reading their hilarious posts and heart wrenching to read their sad ones. I'm a part of something much bigger than myself now and that is all I can possibly ask for. That's my motivation. That's what keeps me writing.

So 100 posts down and hopefully many more to come. Thanks to those who read what I've had to say so far. I hope that you'll keep right on reading because it makes you a part of something bigger than yourself too.

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Pickles & Dimes said...

Nice! Here's to 100 more!