Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More blame to place?

Yesterday I blamed my intestinal rumblings on the licorice and today I am going to blame the licorice for the eruption on my chin.

As I was heading to bed last night I noticed that my chin was hurting a bit and was getting slightly red. This morning when I woke up my chin looked more like Rudolph's nose than a chin. And now as I sit here I have realized that it is not just one eruption but two.

Two large painful, enormous cystic acne blow ups. Oh the horror.

When I turned 30 I started to have regular issues with cystic acne. Then several months ago I read on one of my favorite blogs (I believe it was Sundry but I'm not certain so I'm not going to try to cite it, sorry) that she had stopped using moisturizer on her face and seen a dramatic improvement. So I stopped using moisturizer as well and switched to a daily sunscreen only. I was shocked at how quickly my acne subsided. Every now and again I would get small flair-ups usually around that special time of the month. But nothing like this.

The current condition of my chin is a painful reminder of just how often I used to struggle with those red mountainous lumps. So I am going to place the blame a bit on the licorice and a bit on the monthly hormonal swing. Because certainly that previous acne struggle is not back. This is a small set back but not a return to those conditions. Really it's NOT! No matter what my chin might be screaming at you.

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