Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Things that bother turns into a brain dump

This entry was going to be about the issues of today at work but I realized that it's nothing new and that's boring. So I shall write about something else.

Really I will. Something else that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Something riveting and fabulous.

Crap I can't think of anything. So perhaps just a brain dump will have to do.

- Yesterday was a holiday in CA so there wasn't any progress made in the funeral preparations for my grandpa.

- Both my brother and I had strange things occur on Sunday that linked us both to grandpa which just happened to be the day he died. While cleaning Sunday morning I found a gold dollar that grandpa had given me at Christmas. I put it into this little box I have that holds memories of my other grandparents that have passed. I didn't know grandpa had died yet. My brother's birthday was the end of February and on Sunday my mom gave him his card from grandpa which had been mailed to her house. The message grandpa had written in the card was about the shortness of life and how my brother should enjoy every day.

- Tally seems to be doing better although I think the cold weather of the past few days was sapping all of her energy. I am working on switching her over to a Duck and Potato food that my mom has had good luck with for her very allergic dog. I'm hoping this helps solve her itching and feet gnawing. She hasn't had any other accidents or incidents since Saturday night.

- Saturday night I went to the wedding of two friends who I met through an ex-boyfriend. Of course he was there and he actually officiated the event. I made it through the evening fairly unscathed emotionally. Although his current girlfriend can't quite say the same. She was rather tipsy and at one point while on the dance floor backed into the bar area and smashed several glasses and cutting her elbow. Is it bad that this made me slightly happy? Yes, I know it's bad but still it did. So there.

Well that's all the news that's barely fit to print here today.

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