Monday, April 14, 2008

Enjoyment; current and recently past

Right at this very moment I am chomping on RJ's Natural Licorice in Raspberry and enjoying every single second. Nummy!! I grabbed lunch from the Pasta & Co up the street and just had to grab a bag of the licorice as well. I'm afraid to look at the serving size information because I've already had at least a half a dozen pieces and I do not believe I'll stop any time soon.

On Friday night friend Amy invited me to go bowling with her and most of her co-workers. Even though I was very nervous about going and the self-doubt voices were telling me to stay home, I went anyway. I had a great time.

On Saturday morning I went to Amy's where she cooked me a nummy starch on starch breakfast (my personal favorite) and then we went to see His Holiness the Dalai Lama (aka HHDL). Amy told me about a gathering of mutual friends that night that I wasn't technically invited to but that she said I should go to anyway. After I left her on Saturday early evening to go walk Tally the voices started again, this time they were really loud. They kept saying "You can't go. You weren't invited. They don't really want you there...."

I'm so sad to admit how close I was to actually listening to them and staying in. It would have been so easy and so comfortable to listen to them. But I didn't. I went over there and of course had a great time.

It happened again on Sunday. I really needed to go to the grocery store. The voices were telling me not to. Again I told them to shove it and did a bit of grocery shopping. I guess after not winning on Friday night or Saturday night the voices started to get desperate and tried to keep me down in any way they possibly could. But it didn't happen. I didn't let it happen.

So a big old nanner nanner to you, the voices in my head. You didn't win. I did. I met new people. I went places I hadn't been before. I laughed and ate and bowled a mean game or two. I'm going to add to my "value proposition" that I don't let the voices win. Serious resume booster, huh?

Licorice update: I had to put the bag in a drawer to stop myself. But I really want more. What do you think is it OK to listen to that voice?

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what's a starch on starch breakfast?