Friday, April 18, 2008

My name is not TechnoSavvy

My new cell phone has proved to me today that I am not as techno-savvy as I'd thought.

Shauna at Pickles & Dimes left a comment on yesterday's post about wanting to see more pictures of Tally. I was only happy to oblige because what self-respecting doggy mama wouldn't want to spread images of her adorable pooch all over the interwebs. Armed with my wonderful new LG Shine Camera Phone I took little miss Tally to the Dog Park.

My hope was that taking pictures of her with my phone would seem a bit less odd/obvious than if I had brought my digital camera.

This was our first trip to the Off Leash Area at Warren G. Magnuson Park. It's an enormous OLA and there were a LOT of dogs. Tally did really well but still has not completely warmed to the idea of playing with other dogs. Sniffing them, good to go. Anything else, big old huh? Nearly every owner who walked by us said how adorable they thought she was which needless to say puffed me up a great deal. There was one owner who actually started to cry when I answered her question about Tally's ears. That made me uncomfortable.

Anyway, I surreptitiously snapped a few photos with the camera phone knowing that today I'd bring in the data cable, take them off the phone and post them here. Data cable, check. Take them off the phone, huh? Post them here, apparently not going to happen.

The pictures are stuck. Stuck in phone limbo until I can somehow become smarter than the phone. The Owners Manual was no help and neither was pushing every button possible on the phone.

So my adorable new phone has locked up the photos of my adorable new dog and hasn't sent me a ransom note. Until I know how to make the swap we are at an impasse.


Pickles & Dimes said...


Hope you win the battle vs. your phone! :)

Anonymous said...

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