Wednesday, April 30, 2008

No Bones About It

Where do you suppose that phrase originated? I'm sure a small amount of Internet searching would give me an answer. But that's not really what I have to say today.

It's bones that have caught my eye lately. They seem to be everywhere. At least everywhere around my neighborhood. Nearly every time I walk Tally she comes across a bone or sometimes two. Why are their bones littering the streets of Seattle's neighborhoods?

Perhaps it's just my neighborhood but that still leaves me wondering why? Are people deciding to dispose of the remnants of last night's meal on the street? What would possess someone to do that? Is it like feeding the birds except in this case you are deciding to feed the wild animals and my dog?

What wild animals are you thinking you are feeding anyway? The only "wildlife" I have seen in my neighborhood are two frighteningly large raccoons. Of course there's always the occasional roadkill opossum.

If anyone knows why my neighborhood is crawling in discarded bones I'd really like to know. I'm starting to feel as though I live on a burial ground and at any point bodies are going to come bobbing up out of the creek in the park a la Poltergeist. Just gave myself the willies at the thought of it.

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Amy said...

I'd be worried about the shoe.