Tuesday, April 8, 2008

It's overwhelming

I am feeling overwhelmed. I hardly slept last night because I kept thinking of all of the things I want/need to get done this week.

Oh and my house REEKED of Arm & Hammer Pet Fresh which is quite obviously the olfactory equivalent of the devil. Holy hell that stuff is so potent I honestly think that the stench of it kept waking me up. Can a smell do that? Can it invade your senses so much that it pulls you from your sleep causing you to yearn to smell anything else in the world other than that sickly sweet floral stench? I need to remember to tell Molly not to come over for a while, she'd most certainly barf at that smell.

But I digress, back to overwhelming feelings and not scents. On Sunday I finally bought a new cell phone. I didn't want to because I quite honestly loved my little Nokia brick style phone. I'd had it for years. I've lost count of how many. I knew how it worked and where to find all of the options and features. But alas poor little Nokia was starting to lose it. The battery would suddenly go from nearly fully charged to the dreaded "Battery Low" in mere moments. Then on Saturday some of the keys seemed to only work if I smacked the phone around for a bit. As fun as both of those new 'features' seem, since it is in fact my only phone I thought it was best to finally go in for an upgrade. I really wish I wouldn't have.

I decided on another Nokia because it seemed like the easy and safe solution. But this one is a flip phone and I don't like flip phones AT ALL. I also don't like the User Interface AT ALL. I thought because it was a Nokia that I would know where all of the features and options were without having to work at it, but NO. They changed the UI completely. It's horrid. I hate it. Hate Hate Hate Hate. Oh and would someone explain to me how a bluetooth headset is supposed to make my life easier? Now I have another thing to charge all of the time. How is that easier?

Yes I realize that I sound like a Luddite. I'm not. Well most of the time anyway. Apparently when it comes to cell phones I just want a phone. But from what I gather that is too much to ask. Ick. Now I need to crawl back to the cell phone store and get something else. Something that doesn't make me want to smash it into a million and ten pieces just at the sight of it. So that's overwhelming me.

Then there's training Tally. I had the first training session last night which was owners only, no dogs. I felt in over my head. The list of things they want us to try to teach them before the next class is LONG. I should be looking forward to training her but I'm stressed about being able to find the appropriate amount of time.

I also need to figure out a better way to give Tally a bath in my tub. The $40+ I spent at Home Depot last night trying to pull together a hand held shower option just doesn't seem like it's going to work. Of course I haven't tried it but I'm overwhelmed at the thought of it.

Then there's the whole needing to find a new job thing. I have a dentist appointment this afternoon. The guy is coming today to start work on the patio.

OK yes I'm stressed and feeling overwhelmed but I know that it will pass. These things that seem like a huge deal right at this moment will all get dealt with at some point. I will make it through. Right? Really I will, right?

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Pickles & Dimes said...

You do have a lot of things on your plate, but just tackle them one at a time - no need to have everything done by tomorrow.

I'm with you on the phone issue. I just want a phone: no texting, no pictures, no flip stuff - just a phone. Also, I don't want to talk on it, so don't call me. (I am a Luddite.)