Thursday, September 27, 2007

Another Day Another Mood

Had a great evening last night! Mostly.

First with all of the great stuff. Britten came over and we walked Rudy then went to dinner at Qdoba. I'm always a sucker for a Burrito. Although they are not as good as Taco del Mar in my opinion, it's still a Burrito and that means it's still NUMMY! Dave had invited Britten to pub Trivia over at the Kangaroo and Kiwi and Britten invited me. I nearly didn't go because I was starting to get my lazy on but I am glad I did.

Got there a bit after 8 and the Trivia started around 8:30. I was good to go, answering questions and feeling somewhat knowledgable until about 9:30. That's when my allergies started to attack me with a vengence!

The "Smoking Area" at the bar is a open area that is technically outside but not by much. There are two large doors that keep the smoking area open to the rest of the bar, kind of like a sidewalk eating area. The smoke is what triggered my allergy problems.

I left, rather abruptly, and proceeded to cough and hack all of the way home. Once home I immediately stripped off all layers of clothing and got in the shower. I even hid all of the clothes inside the washing machine, closed the door and the closet door. It was then a Benedryl and straight to bed.

This morning I woke up with a bit of a medication hang over and in a fowl mood. I've snapped at the Accounting guy who is only here one day a week for half a day. That in itself is not that strange because he is a bit annoying. But I have this overall feeling of "if anyone gets in my way today I will decimate your ass."

So a warning to all of the people who might cross my path today, Don't.


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