Thursday, September 13, 2007

A night off from housework

Took the night off from working on the house last night. It felt great. I went to see Jess and Jackson instead! Lovely.

He's really grown since I saw him last. Looking so much more like a baby than a newborn. He's getting those adorable little dimples in the best places; the back of his hands, his elbows.

I was able to make him laugh by doing the silliest thing. He was sitting in Jess' lap facing me. I would take both of my hands and make this sort of buzzing sound then shake his tummy. He laughed out loud! So great!! Funny thing is that it was kind of tiring to do. My head started to hurt from making the sound but getting him to laugh was way too much fun to stop. So I just kept right on going. I think I even gave myself a little bit of a headache from it. I'm such a goof.

Thanks for having me over to play Jess, Jackson, Sugar, Shotty and Toby. You were so much fun!

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