Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ding Dong the Granite is Gone!

I amaze myself with the things I try to accomplish. Why would I think that I could possibly remove a slab granite breakfast bar? I have no idea why attempting a task such as this doesn't give me more pause. Is it entirely a result of my upbringing? Having a father who always did all of the repair/remodeling in the house no matter the task was a great role model.

My dad could be counted on to take care of nearly everything with very little, if any, outside help. He made two bedrooms and a bathroom from the space above the garages. He made a new back hall and stairway to get to that new space. He built a new deck (a few in fact). The kitchen got a vaulted ceiling, new tile floor and a wall knocked down. There are the two bay windows downstairs and a wall where there was once a door. He has updated/changed nearly every room in that house. It's amazing.

So a big old thank you Dad. Thanks for making me unafraid of trying things, well, house fixing things at any rate. Because of your influence I have installed light fixtures, installed dimmer switches, removed and replaced fire place mantels, installed custom closets, removed mirrored closet doors, installed bathroom cabinets/sink/faucet, fixed a tub spout and most recently removed a slab of granite. I am very grateful to be a girl who can do things for herself. I am very grateful that I got that from you. I can't wait to see what I'll attempt next!

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