Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The joy that is demolition

Last night in a fit of energy I started the demo on the granite breakfast bar. I was able to get two of the three supports off. Thought I should leave the third, center, one in place to hold up the granite on the front edge. Then scored all along the living room side between the wall and granite. I started on the kitchen side but pooped out quickly. It was not easy to swing a hammer at a chisel for an hour and a half. Which I can only assume means that I must get back to the gym SOON. Apparently a gal who wants to do all of her own home improvement needs to have serious upper body strength. This problem has stopped me more than once from finishing a project when I wanted to. Annoying.

Tonight the insulation contractor is coming by to do the estimate. I'm really hoping that he can get into the crawl space from the outside rather than having to go through the closet floor. I really don't want to empty out the bottom half of my closet and then put it all back together. I have more important (DEMO!) things to do.

Getting insulation in the crawl space and between the common walls would be really great. I'm hoping it's budget friendly so that we can get it done before winter. Keeping my fingers crossed on that one.

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