Monday, September 24, 2007

I am sucker for destroying things

Yes, I did it. The aforementioned "wall" between the kitchen door and cutout is on its way to being nothing but a memory. On its way, very slowly, very very very slowly. At least for me.

Molly seemed to be impressed by my progress but to me the "wall" seemed to be taunting me at every turn. I don't have the correct demo tools and so the wallboard is coming out in small chunks instead of the large pieces that would be much more inspiring. I've exposed most of the wall section inside the kitchen and a small hole on the side in the living room.

I did have a plan to start the demo from the kitchen side. That way the living room would look mostly put together and only when someone was in the kitchen would they see the damage. Also, if I found out the wall could not come down for one some reason (structural, electrical, water, other?) then I would only have to repair the kitchen wall. When I wasn't making satisfactory progress in the kitchen I took my frustration out on the living room side. Which means that "plan" has to be scrapped.

The good news is that so far it's looking like the wall can come down Mr Reagan. There is no electrical or water running through there and so far it does not appear to be structural. Big old bonus.

But here is my one concern, perhaps something I should have thought of before I started demo, how do I know if the wallboard contains asbestos? Did they put asbestos in wall board in 1968? Off to the interweb to find out. I shall report back.

According to my favorite series of tubes: Asbestos can be found in pre-1977 homes in the wallboard and spackle. So the wallboard I have been destroying with gusto this weekend most likely has asbestos. Oops!!

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