Thursday, September 6, 2007

Finally a NEW COUCH!!!

I finally ordered my new couch yesterday!! I'm so excited. It's a three piece sectional from Create & Barrel called Troy. It's going to be a great use of space. So much better than the couch/chair/ottoman combo that I have going on now. The living room is way too tight to have three separate pieces like that. A sectional seems like a much better option so that I can take advantage of the corners that are currently lost. Here's a "view" of Troy: But this isn't the configuration I'm getting or the color. I've ordered the armless loveseat, corner and armless chair in a fabric color called Chamois. It's a nice basic color that I hope will be a very nice staple piece in the living room. One that will bend to my color dream whims whenever I have them. I probably won't get Troy until some time in late November. I hope I can wait that long. Now for the rest of the living room I'm thinking of a bookcase with glass doors (possibly a Billy from Ikea) and this Unicycle end table from CB2.

I'm thinking of something with storage for the coffee table but haven't found what I want yet. Can't decide on the color of Billy to buy either. Perhaps that decision will have to wait until the couch arrives. So many things I want to do to my little house.

Update: This tele table from Umbra is even cuter than the CB2 one.

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